Our favorite styles to print on...

Best (and worst) selling blank styles that we print on

We print a LOT of shirts. And over the years, we've printed on tons of different styles of tote bags, hoodies, sweatshirts, shirts, and weirder stuff too, like silk handkerchiefs.

We know which brands are best to print on, and which brands and styles are rather terrible.

Below is the list of our best selling styles that we constantly print on. Customers like them, they're easier to source, and they're quality.

But we'll also list styles that we love, that we don't print on that often, but we'd be happy to print on for you!

Best selling blank styles

Bella Canvas 3001
Bella Canvas 3001

Why customers like it:
Pretty darn soft t-shirt at a great price. Comes in a ton of colors and gives us the softest and most vivid print results. Vacord's go-to 100% cotton t-shirt.

4.2oz 100% Cotton

Bella canvas 3001cvc
Bella canvas 3001cvc

Staff review, from Becky:
"This is softer than the 3001, it offers more worn in and vintage colors. Honestly, the best seller in the shop." It's a little pricier but not prohibitively so.

4.2oz 52% Cotton / 48% Polyester

Bella canvas 3413
Bella canvas 3413 Triblend

Staff review, from Becky: 
"THE SOFTEST THING EVER OMG." This is the t-shirt you get when you want to impress. If the 3001CVC is a Toyota, the 3413 is a Lexus.

3.8oz 50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon

Tultex 202
Tultex 202 t-shirt

Why customers like it:
This is a great affordable option. Still very soft, but it's the t-shirt to use when you want a standard, cheap t-shirt. Cheap shirts don't have to be stiff and boxy!

4.5oz %100 Cotton

Next Level 6733
Next Level 6733 Triblend Racerback Tank

Why customers like it:
This super-soft raw-edge tank hangs well, wears well, and prints well. This is our most popular tank for women. Perfect for yoga, outdoor festivals, and hitting the gym.

4.3oz 50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon

Next level 6010
Next level 6010 triblend tee

Why customers like it:
Premium t-shirt very similar to the 3413 by Bella+Canvas, but some people like the drape of this t-shirt even better. It also comes in some really great neutral colors.

4.3oz 50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon

Bella Canvas b6400
Bella Canvas b6400 Ladies' Relaxed T-Shirt

Why customers like it:
Ladies want to wear flattering shirts, not boxy mens shirts, and this is a great option that is cut in a flattering but normal way, and a great option when you just want a nice ladies shirt.

4.2oz 100% cotton

bella canvas 3480
bella canvas 3480 tank

Why customers like it:
This guy's tank is our go-to tank top, and prints well and wears well.

4.2oz 100% cotton

Tultex 241
Tultex 241 blend shirt

Why customers like it:
It's nice and lightweight, and for customers looking for something affordable that is a blend shirt, this is a great option.

3.6 oz 65% polyester / 35% cotton

Next Level n3601
Next Level n3601 t-shirt

Why customers like it:
This is the best long-sleeve t-shirt on the market right now. Flattering drape, soft feel, prints beautifully.

4.3oz 100% Cotton

a4 N32142
a4 N32142 Dri Fit t-shirt

Why customers like it:
This is perfect if you're organizing a 5K or cycling event. Surprisingly stylish and surprisingly affordable, this 100% poly tee is our best-selling dri-fit shirt.

4oz 100% Polyester

bella canvas b6008
bella canvas b6008 Racerback Tank

Why customers like it:
We love printing women's tanks as part of your order. The best women's tanks, though, are often quite a bit more expensive than women's tees. Not so with this tank. Throw a few of these in with your t-shirt order and the women in your organization will thank you.

100% Cotton

Independent ss4500P
Independent ss4500P pullover hoodie

Why customers like it:
Independent isn't a well known brand, but for hoodies, it's what we usually recommend. People love this thick and cozy pullover, and it prints well!

8.5oz 75% Cotton / 25% Polyester

Independent ss4500z
Independent ss4500z Zip Hoodie

Why customers like it:
The sister hoodie to the pullover version, this is the same thing but in a zip version.

8.5oz 75% Cotton / 25% Polyester

independent prm30sbc
independent prm30sbc raglan crew sweatshirt

Why customers like it:
Hoodies are popular, but some people just want a regular sweatshirt, and this is a nice regular sweatshirt.

8oz 52% Cotton/ 48% Polyester

Styles we love and wish we sold more of

Anvil 980
Anvil 980 t-shirt

Why we like it:
We don't sell as many as we used to, because there have been stock issues in recent years, but this was at one time Vacord's go to t-shirt. Simple, soft, affordable, and it comes in a whole bunch of colors.

4.3oz 100% Cotton

bella canvas 8809
bella canvas 8809 tank top

Staff review, from Becky:
"The BEST fitting tank I have ever worn, flowy, flattering, and so so comfy." With both a high neck line and a high back, the very open shoulders leads to a pretty unique tank design.

65% Polyester / 35% Viscose

Tultex 206
Tultex 206 v-neck

Why we like it:
Tultex isn't a well known brand outside of the apparel industry, but their stuff is nice, real nice. And we think people look nice in V-necks, especially this one, so here it is.

4.5oz 100% Cotton

Q-tees q600
Q-tees q600 tote bag

Staff review, from Becky:
"I use this tote everyday, I bring it to work then turn around and use it as a weekend bag. The gusset is bigger than most so it is easier to get things in and out of."

Heavy 12oz Canvas

alternative apparel

Why we like it:
We mean an entire brand here, not just one style. Alternative has gotten more affordable, and it's got a ton of nice and more unusual styles that change up seasonally. If you want something higher end, look into Alternative.

independent prm4500
independent prm4500 pullover hoodie

Why we like it:
Becky says it's her favorite hoodie. It doesn't discharge because it's pigment dyed but it's soft and cozy, and we can print it nicely with traditional inks for you.

9oz 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester

Rabbit Skins 4400
Rabbit Skins 4400 Infant bodysuit

Why we like it:
Because they're so cute! They can be tricky to print because they're so small, but baby bodysuits like this are great to mix in with a large order so that all the babies you know can rock your design or company logo as well.

100% 5oz Cotton

Alternative AA1970
Alternative AA1970 Unisex Eco-Jersey Zip Hoodie

Why we like it:
Alternative is just a super cool brand, and this hoodie is really nice and really light, and there's something useful about a lightweight hoodie when it's not cold yet, but getting chilly, and you want to layer.

4.13oz 50% polyester / 38% cotton / 12% rayon

Tultex 260
Tultex 260 beach hoodie

Why we like it:
It's as thin as a t-shirt, so it's a great layer over a shirt, and a unique style of hoodie. If you're interested in a lightweight hoodie and you're budget minded, this is the choice for you.

100% 4.5oz Cotton

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