Contract Screen Printing

Contract screen printing can be a cut-throat business with race to the bottom pricing.

We don't play that game.

If you're tired of contract printers who focus on just churning out heavy and cheap plastisol printing, embarrassing you and disappointing your clients, you are no doubt ready for a better partner to work with.

Vacord has been a leader in discharge printing (a super soft way of printing) since 2008, and we're offering contract screen printing now to select clients who are looking for better quality and a better experience with contract screen printers.

Contract printing, including...

• Soft ink printing, either discharge or plastisol

• Tagging and bagging

• Non-branded shipping available

• Individual fulfillment services

• Hands-on customer service (you're a name and not a number at Vacord)

• Provide your own blank garments, or we can

contract screen printing nj
Past prints for other clients

Examples of our print quality

Multi color print using discharge ink on a lighter shirt

Do your clients need inside tag printing? What about sleeve printing? Not a problem!

Discharge screen printing on a black shirt

Simple but nice (like a slice of pepperoni pizza), this ringer shirt got a 2 color front print for a local restaurant.

Discharge ink screen printing on a black heather shirt

Detail picture of red discharge ink. You can see the weave of the fabric in the red, because discharge ink removes and replaces the shirt's color, essentially. If your clients have been asking for a softer print, this is it.

Discharge ink printing on a light green shirt

Using a nice shirt and a nice design can make a simple 1 color print look elegant.

Zoom in on discharge printing on fabric

A fine detail zoom in on discharge ink. The white area has been printed with white discharge ink, which does leave a little bit of ink on top for a brighter white.

2 color business shirt print using textile discharge ink

White discharge ink combined with black waterbased ink for the outlines, with inside tag print.

discharge t shirt printing of sleeves

Yellow discharge on a kelly green shirt.

discharge printing process on short sleeves

We can of course print gradients, sim process and more. Whatever your clients' artwork needs!

Need a sample of our printing?

We understand wanting to see some actuaal print samples before you trust us to print for your clients.

Print samples are no problem. Use the form at the bottom to get in touch and we can send you some print samples that we have from previous jobs.

(Unfortunately, we can't do print samples of your orders, but we do digital proofs of everything to make sure everything is proper before it goes on press)

Contract screen printing price list

Your margin is important to you if you're outsourcing printing, of course. So our pricing is a big factor.

We're happy to send you our contract screen printing prices if we think we're a good fit. Use the form below to reach out to us about our contract screen printing price list.

Note: We're not going to be the cheapest contract screen printers, and we're not trying to be. We're more focused on quality results.

Gradient discharge screen printing
How are we different?

Why use vacord for contract screen printing?

Discharge printed shirts are soft

More hands-on

You're not just a number or yet another client. When you work with us, everyone in the customer service department will know your name.

Vibrant discharge printing on fabric

Discharge printing

Rich beautiful colors are possible, and we can match the print to your pantone codes, and give a soft result for your clients.

An affordable one color discharge print

Soft plastisols

When discharge doesn't make sense for your job, softened plastisols can give awesome results.

Discharge t shirt printing for a business

Still decent prices

We're not the cheapest, and we don't try to be, but we're still reasonable, and keep even our contract pricing simple.

Discharge ink screen printing of a hot air balloon

Accepting applications for new contract partners

Vacord's mostly a retail screen printing shop, and always will be. But increased demand for contract printing has us opening the door for more clients, but selectively.

If you want to work with us on a contract basis, use the form below and we'll get back to you quickly.

Interested in our contract screen printing? Need contract screen printing prices?

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Let us know what questions you may have, or what your projects would be like. You should hear back within a business day (or same day) from either Stuart or Becky or Adam.

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