Example hoodies that we've printed in the past

American Apparel 5497 in Asphalt, which is a 100% cotton zip hoodie, and takes very well to discharge. This print is two colors, bright clear discharge and a pinkish red waterbased ink on top.

White Gildan pullover hoodie, with six colors of waterbased ink. On white hoodies, we can easily do waterbased or traditional ink, and both can be brilliant and bright, but the waterbased ink will be softer to the touch.

Traditional white ink on the sleeve and back of a black hoodie. Sleeves can sometimes be challenging but usually not a problem. Pleasefor on anything with sleeve printing.

Two color print on Alternative brand hoodie, going across the zipper, which is fine as long as there is room in the design to avoid the zipper itself. This used traditional ink since it is a blend fabric.

How do you print on hoodies?

We print custom hoodies mostly with traditional inks, but some hoodies work well with waterbased inks and our special discharge inks, which result in very soft prints. The higher the cotton content in the hoodie, the better it will discharge. It should be at least 80%, but for more vibrant results, 90% or 100% cotton is best. American Apparel styles 5495 and 5497 are 100% cotton and discharge very well and are some of our most popular hoodies.

Why use Vacord for custom hoodies?

• Hoodies can be difficult to print, but we have the equipment and experience to get awesome results

• If you're looking for a soft print, we know which hoodies and blends can take discharge ink, which is the softest ink possible

• Free ground shipping

• Simple, straightforward pricing (with reasonable rates)

• Pretty quick turnaround (2 weeks, but faster is possible if you need to rush it)

• Expert customer service staff who know what they're talking about technically and can guide you to the right decisions for your order

Custom Hoodies F.A.Q.

What kind of ink should I use?

It will depend on which hoodie you use. If it is a 50/50 blend hoodie (half cotton, half polyester) which is the most common, or it’s a tri-blend hoodie or less than 80% cotton, we should use the traditional ink. It will be heavier on the hoodie, but it will be fine on the heavier fabric, and we could just do one layer of ink to keep it softer and have a vintage result. Hoodies that are 90% or 100% cotton work well with discharge inks. When the hoodies are white or light in color, or the ink is a lot darker than the fabric color, we can use waterbased inks without a problem.

What brand of hoodie should I print on?

It’s totally up to you! Our favorites are Gildan, Independent, and American Apparel. If you need guidance, we can help you find the right hoodie to use.

Can you print on the pouch? The hood? The sleeves? The lower back? Across the zipper?

Printing on the pouch and hood is problematic and we can’t do it with guaranteed good results. We can do the lower back, which is popular, with no problem, and sleeves or across the zipper is fine too!

What do hoodies cost?

It varies a lot, and is determined by the amount of hoodies printed, the type of hoodie used, and how complicated the printing is, for example if it’s just a 1 color print on the front, or if it is multiple colors on both sides.

Can I get just one?

No, sorry, you can't order just one custom hoodie. Screen printing involves a ton of set up work, and that is why we have minimums. If you need just a couple, look into "DTG Printing."

What is your minimum order?

For hoodies our minimum order is only 24 pieces, while it's usually 48 or 100 pieces for shirts.

How can I get pricing?

Please email info@vacord.com to get pricing back quickly by email, call us at 888-787-4587, or use the quote form below.

Remember, the more you get, the less they cost (price breaks at 100, 200 and 500 pieces), and the more complicated the printing is, the higher the cost may be.

How many colors can you print?

We can print up to six colors on the front and the back, but note that sometimes we have to use a white underbase layer of ink, which would count as one of the colors.

Do you have youth hoodies? Ladies hoodies?

Sure, of course! Please visit 4logowearables.com and Imprintable Catalog and Independent Trading Co to see more styles that we can provide.

Do you have regular sweatshirts, not hoodies?

Sure! Visit the links right above to see sweatshirts!

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