Do your clients need quality shirts?

Graphic Designer Referral Program

$100 for every new customer you send to Vacord

Graphic designers can be our best source of quality referrals.

They’re a pleasure to work with, and they obviously know how to create artwork, and they know what they’re doing when it comes to design.

As a graphic designer, you want your designs to look as awesome as possible when they’re printed onto tote bags, shirts or hoodies. (We’ll make them look gorgeous.)

So, in order to get more referrals from graphic designers like you, we’re willing to give you $100 for every new customer you send our way. Sounds good, right?

Graphic Designer Referral Program

Details of the referral program

  • Tell your client to order from Vacord
  • We send you $50 when your referral Places a $1000 order, or $100 if they order $1500+
  • Commissions only applies to the referral’s first order, not any repeat orders
  • Fill out the form on this page to become a referral partner
2 color graphic shirt
Law firm shirts

Vacord works well with these types of businesses

  • Conferences
  • Businesses
  • Tech companies / startups
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Restaurants
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how do you actually refer clients?

Once you've gotten into the referral program, just give us a heads up on the client that you're trying to refer, and we'll note it and if they order, we can attribute it to you!

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