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Screen Printing Prices

Pricing for custom printing on shirts, hoodies, tote bags and more

Want pricing for your project or curious about how pricing works? Read on!

Why don't we publish our pricing?

Screen printing pricing isn't cut and dry.

There are so many variables that go into your project, like the amount of colors in your design, the type of garment you want to use, and the quantity we are printing at a time.

To give the best and most accurate pricing, we need to quote each job individually. It's easy for us to do for you, and it doesn't take long.

If you need pricing, just give us a call at 888-787-4587, email us at, or use the quote request form at the bottom of the page and we'll work up some custom pricing specific for your project!

How does pricing really work?

Screen printing prices are based on three main things

Type of Garment

Not all shirts and hoodies are created equal. Some brands and styles will cost more than others, so that is a factor in our pricing too.


It's all based on how many we print at a time. With screen printing, printing more at a time is more efficient, so the pricing goes down the more we print. There are price breaks at 100, 200 and 500 pieces. The pricing gets better at every price break. Note that we now have a minimum of 100 shirts. This is an effort to work with more serious and established companies. The minimum may be lower for hoodies or other items.

Complexity of Printing

More complicated printing takes longer, so it is a higher charge. The cheapest printing is always just one color in one location. The more locations and the more colors, the higher the cost will be.

we try to keep pricing simple

just a price per shirt

We will quote you a certain amount per shirt, and that's it, instead of shirt cost + print cost + set up fee + yada yada yada.

Affordable art fees

If you need artwork created from scratch, we can do it. And if your art just needs a little polishing, we can do that quickly.

No nickel and diming

We don't charge for every aspect of the printing process like some shops do.

No screen fees

We don't charge to create the screens needed to print for you.

Free ground shipping

To make it easier on customers, we ship packages for free to you with UPS Ground (must be in the lower 48 States).

quality is our focus

If your top concern is a low price, we may not be a good fit for each other

We are not the cheapest screen printers out there, nor do we want to be.

We focus on quality results and quality customer service.

Luckily we can still provide very reasonable pricing for your projects, even while delivering quality print results! We focus more on the value than any low pricing.

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Just have questions? That’s fine too, use the same form to get answers to your questions with no obligation to order.

All-in-one Pricing

We try to keep things more simple for you by just pricing the garments with the print on them. Need 100 shirts? We'll give you a price per shirt, and you can see what that adds up to, and we will NOT include set up fees and break down fees and ink fees and all those other fees that printers will nickle and dime you with.

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What happens after you submit a quote request?

After you send in your quote request...

  • We'll email you back quickly to clarify any details, if needed
  • We will email you pricing based on your details for the garments you requested, or ones that we suggest for the pricing
  • If the quote sounds good, we figure out all the details together, take a payment, and start production! (Which usually takes 2 weeks)

Getting a quote is no obligation!
If you're just shopping around or curious, that's fine


The Vacord crew was patient and knowledgable, and helped me when I was in a bind. I didn't think it was possible to get such high quality, reasonably priced tee shirts so quickly... I would recommend Vacord Screen Printing to anyone who wants values quality, speed and professionalism.

- Trey

Serial entrepreneur

You guys are very responsive and seem to really care about what you do. You've gotten very creative for our past projects and we'd love to be able to work with you again.

- daniel

video producer

You guys were very accommodating and super helpful in choosing what shirts I needed and my designs. Service was timely and fantastic. Pricing was very reasonable too especially for the quality of shirt and screen print that I got. Thank you!!

- Joanne

Business founder

The team is FANTASTIC to work with. Always adopting my ideas and executing - while offering advice and insight. Your organization has been so generous with your time, making sure every tee turns out just right for my clients. Thank you! You guys are classy!

- Michelle

health coach

You guys have always been great, and are local. Loyal for life.

- Kevin

managing partner

Vacord is easy to work with- they make changes and give suggestions that are really helpful and improve on my varied and sometimes vague ideas until they are a perfect and real design. I have been thrilled with every tee they've made for me. (My friends wear them daily, so they will second that). Quality is great (no off centered printing and there's even ink distribution throughout all tees). Turnaround is quick. I highly recommend them.

- melissa

Small business owner