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Some of Our past work

Vacord does all custom work. These pictures are just example of our past orders, to inspire your creativity and show what we can do.

Soft Canvas 3001 shirts with a black and red waterbased/discharge print for a law firm's hot air balloon team

This photorealistic hot air balloon print was done with discharge print, which allows us to do very fine detail.

"Punk Rock" white print for a band on American Apparel tri-blend shirts. We call it "Punk Rock" white when we do just one layer of white traditional ink on shirts, as it results in a lighter and more distressed looking white, while also being softer.

Shirts for a small private school on Gildan shirts. White discharge ink works well on nearly all shirt colors.

A bright discharge print on a blend shirt for a church.

White printing on an American Apparel tri-blend shirt for a company softball team.

Simple yet gorgeous print for a software company on Canvas shirts.

Shirts we printed for Marvel Comics! For a charity walk that their staff participated in.

Matching a color in the artwork to the contrast color of the hems on this tank top brings the whole design together.

A distressed white print on this faded looking green shirt makes a brand new shirt look vintage right away.

A tight two color print, with the black ink coming across as fairly subtle on an Asphalt gray shirt.

An oversized print! We can have your design take up the majority of the shirt if you want.

White discharge on a shirt, as an example of the longevity of our printing. This shirt was printed several years ago, and has been worn and washed dozens of times. The white print is still bright and the shirt still fits nicely.

Multiple color prints are easy if you have the right equipment and experience. This is a four color discharge print.

This is actually just two ink colors, but because we can blend colors using half tone dots, and also use the negative space of the design to let the shirt go through, you can achieve a design that looks like more colors than it really is.

We love both printing for BBQ restaurants and also eating BBQ! This shirt has a good example of using negative space as a design element, as the outline of New Jersey is on the pig's backside, but really it's just the shirt's color showing through.

A stack of lovely shirts for a startup, with their logo done with just two ink colors but in a gradient effect.

One color printing is the cheapest option of course, but doing two colors isn't much more, and can really enhance how your design comes out, even if the second color is just a subtle accent color.

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